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About us
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About us

Founded in 2003 by Carsten Schürmann as a spin-off of the University of Dortmund in Germany, RRG is a small consultant company focussing on spatial research and spatial planning in the fields of transport, regional and sustainable development, regional disparities, geo-graphical analysis and geoinformation. The manager of RRG, Carsten Schüürmann, was working for seven years at the Institute of Spatial Planning in Dortmund (IRPUD), gaining experience in conducting and leading a number of research projects commissioned, inter alias, by different DGs of the European Commission (e.g. SASI, STREAMS, IASON, PERIPHERALITY, Mountain Study). Together with his colleagues Niklas Sieber, Olaf Scholtz-Knobloch and Angelika Zwicky, Mr. Schürmann founded a new company called Transport Consulting Partners (TCP International) in 2011, offering a wide range of consultancy services in the transport sector. RRG / Mr Carsten Schürmann is a member of the following associations:

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