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Results of City2Navigation Project


Selected results of the City2Navigation project were presented by Carsten Schürmann at two international conferences in September: The system architecture of the new C2N service, its technical components and use cases, the use of DATEX II profiles for publishing traffic management strategies via the Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) and the advantages of the new service compared to the current way of information transmission of traffic control centres were discussed at the online European Transport Conference 2021 as well as at the 6th International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities in Stuttgart.


Other news


DLR expands licensing to include information on waterways

In addition to the recently licensed geodata on inland and seaports in Europe, DLR has now also licensed geodata on European waterways from the RRG GIS database.[more...]




IASS Potsdam - Information on train stations in Europe

The IASS Potsdam has licensed geodata on railway stations in Europe from the RRG GIS database. [more...]




University of Brno interested in geodata on waterways and railways in Europe

The University of Brno has lisensed geodata on waterways and railways in Europe from the RRG GIS database.[more...]




New project: Indicators for monitoring the development of the Sorbian/Wendish language and culture

[Translate: Zusammen mit der Plon GmbH wurde RRG vom Sorbischen Insitut (SI) beauftragt, ein Indikatorensystem zum Monitoring der Entwicklung der sorbisch/wendischen Sprache und Kultur zu entwickeln.][more...]




Older news can be found in the archive.

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